In which I embark upon the seduction of a Purple Cow

This year, I’m going to get me a purple cow.

Maybe even a purple, sparkly cow.

With stars instead of spots.

I’ve got a thing for sparkles, and stars.

A hangover from my days as a go-go dancer maybe.

Or maybe it’s just because of the way light refracts in sparkles- dancing and glimmering and shining.

As for stars… who doesn’t have a thing for stars?

They’ve always been the portent of something great.

Like the birth of Jesus Christ.

Mission decided upon. Full steam ahead

It’s 8.18pm and I’m shattered. I’ve been working most of the day, in between meditation, cooking soup, playing with my toddler and dancing through the housework. It’s been effortless work and I’ve been totally on fire. Today I decided on my mission. It wasn’t difficult. Just asking that question and relaxing into spaciousness made me see [...]

Expect more articles, I’m preparing for a mission

It’s been a long time between posts on this website. Especially because I was meant to be taking a break from The Yoga Lunchbox in order to focus on my  writing. Somehow life got in the way. As it always does when we let it. As it always does when we forget to focus on [...]

True dreams? Just get the hell out of the way already

Three years ago, I applied to a Victoria University Creative Writing paper. These courses are restricted to 12 people, and I was over the moon when I was accepted. Life had been a struggle for awhile at that point – I’d recently moved to Wellington with my then-partner and things weren’t easy between us. I [...]