Embracing the process of intimate inquiry

One of the mainstays of yogic thinking, or understanding of the world, is that everything is about what’s inside of us. Not about what’s outside of us. What we think about external events or people reveals more about us, than it does them. It shows us our biases, our thought patterns, our behaviour patterns, the [...]

Launching my YouTube Channel, it’s time

Video is more powerful than words. I’m going video. More to come each week.

Don’t let your ego hijack commitment, claim it back for your soul

I decided last week that I needed to commit to publishing article every Thursday on this website.

Otherwise it’s too easy to get swept away by the myriad of other things I’m doing and lose focus.

It’s the same thing with my yoga practice.

Sure, I practice every day in some way… mantra while driving, meditation here and there, asana at odd times, mat sessions occasionally…

But making a definitive commitment leads to definitive results.

Floating along on a whim and trusting the internal flow leads to ego-hijacking.